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In South Carolina, The State relies upon PRBuzz
Ever since 1891, The State newspaper has been the voice of South Carolina, particularly the capital in Columbia. As the largest newspaper in South Carolina, The State is charged with the unique task of providing the news of not only the capital, the region, and the state, but of the world far beyond the South Carolina state line. With a readership of close to 100,000, the newspaper’s voice is particularly powerful in the workings of the capital and the state as a whole. Such power naturally carries with it a heady responsibility, to report all the news the readers demand, to report it accurately, and to report it in a timely manner. Ever conscious of this responsibility, the editors at The State are very selective in their choice of news sources. They demand news that is current, complete, and accurate, from sources that can be trusted to deliver on all three criteria. And that is why the staff at The State looks to press release distribution service www.PRBuzz.com. The editors insist that the press releases they receive cannot be merely fluff pieces or thinly-disguised advertisements.