Starting Your Search With Aged Care? Here Are The Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes To ACAT Assessments In Sydney

Getting your ACAT assessment done is an essential key to your or your loved one’s Aged Care search. This process is a long evaluation process that oversees all the factors required when entering your loved one into an Aged Care facility. There are so many questions needed to answer before you dive into this evaluation. This all you need to know about the system.

The FAQs with ACAT assessments Sydney can best offer

What is ACAT assessments in Sydney?

ACAT assessments in Sydney is the system of a in-person evaluation to see what you or your loved one may require in Aged Care. After the assessment is finalized, you or your loved one will be given a specific code to make sure gain entry to services provided by the Government including Home Care and Residential Aged Care as well as Respite. This acronym stands for Aged Care Assessment Team.

What do I do to get ACAT assessments in Sydney?

To get ACAT assessments in Sydney requires a referral otherwise you will need to get in touch with My Aged Care to start the process. If you are currently in rehab or a hospital facility, you will be able to accelerate the appointment by the staff for you or your loved one through their support. Those in supporting roles such as carers, community support workers, physiotherapists, and social workers can organise ACAT assessments in Sydney by providing you with a referral.

We are in a dire situation but we haven’t gotten the evaluation. Is it necessary to have ACAT assessments in Sydney in order to get access into Aged Care facilities?

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This isn’t always the case. It is most important if you or your loved one requires urgent support that they are able to gain entry into an Aged Care facility. Our team of incredibly supportive staff will be able to find you the best selection of options and advice depending on your particular circumstance even if you had not gotten ACAT assessments in Sydney.

What is the price of ACAT assessments in Sydney?

Zilch! Not a single dollar out of your pocket is spent when you do ACAT assessments in Sydney. As it is provided by the Australian Federal Government, this is a free service to make sure you or your loved one get the most suitable Aged Care work as much as possible.

We had previously done ACAT assessments in Sydney a couple of years ago and are currently desiring to access Aged Care. Can we still use it?

A previously done ACAT assessment in Sydney is still available to use but it is highly suggested to re-do the evaluation if you or your loved one’s health or situation has modified. If you have made the conclusion to join an Aged Care facility after a long time of waiting means that your circumstances has changed with the requirement of getting extra support. As every situation is tailored to the specific experience to the individual, our team at Sydney Aged Care Financial Advisors can offer the best services and expertise to help you find the best solution moving forward.

ACAT assessments in Sydney can be a complex process but our team of professionals can be able to sort out your particular situation to make sure your journey into Aged Care goes smooth. We will be there to hold your hand to guide you in making sure you remain calm and full of the best advice and knowledge with Aged Care.

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