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Fleas are among the nastiest pests to deal with. They become very active, especially during the warmer seasons. These little insects attack our pets very often. Once they are infested, our cats and dogs will bring fleas home. There are many ways to protect yourself or to get rid of them. Prevention is often the best defence against fleas and other insects. If you succeed in doing this, you will save money for expensive pest control products. Nowadays, chemicals are used so often for various purposes. Especially, when it comes to cleaning many products contain chemicals. Here you will find tips for getting rid of fleas naturally.

The first thing is to vacuum carpets, pet bedding and linens. Vacuum them at least once in two or three days in order to prevent a flea infection. You have to pay special attention to areas, where your pet spends a lot of time. For example, some dogs or cats enjoy lying under a certain chair, or on a favourite sofa. Wash rugs and floor mats regularly in the washing machine or in hot water. Your pet’s bedding must be washed one or two times in a week. Wash your own bedding more often, if your pets enjoy spending time on it.

You can make a natural solution to prevent flea infestation. For that purpose, mix five drops of lavender essential oil and warm water in a spray bottle. Then spray on carpets, furniture and pet’s bedding. Big advantage of this repellent is that lavender is very aromatic and has relaxing properties. This is very important since other products are not only expensive, but they have disgusting smell. When you apply some of them, you need to spray and then leave the room for a certain time.

Another useful advice for proper pest control is to add garlic and brewer’s yard to your pet’s diet. Fleas disdain this taste and they will stay away from your pets.