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As the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the world, home gyms have grown in popularity. More and more fitness enthusiasts have been forced to terminate their gym memberships and switch to working out from home as a way of maintaining social distancing and containing the spread of COVID-19. If you’re working on building your own perfect home gym, then you must expand and get every piece of necessary equipment available. Exercise bike? Check. Dumbbells? Check. Weight bench? Well, there are several different types in the market now, so picking out a suitable one for your space.

Fortunately, this guide will help you through the process by listing the key features of each different weight bench and where they work best. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, here are some of the best options available to you.


The flat weight bench

The original flat press is the most convenient model available. It comes with no attachments or any mechanism to adjust its height or angle. Using this device, the main muscles you’ll be working are chest, shoulders and triceps. If you’re not too fussed about what a versatile weight bench, then the original model is your way to go since it’s generally the most affordable.


Folding press machine

The folding option is perfect if you’re always on the go and need a “gym” that is mobile. You can easily fold this machine and carry it wherever you need to go. However, they don’t come with many other additional features, so don’t expect a whole lot of innovation. Nonetheless, if all you need is a conventional machine with folding capabilities, then this is the one for you!


Olympic press

As the name suggests, an Olympic weight bench is a professional piece of equipment used in high-end events. This is because they are broader and longer than more conventional models available, and often come equipped with other functions. These additional functions include a squat rack, dumbbells and plates.

In this sense, it is a complete workout machine, since you can train almost every muscle group using the device. So, if you have a lot of cash to spend and want arguably the most versatile weight bench in the market, check out your local provider’s range of Olympic presses.


Adjustable press machine

The adjustable press machine is basically the same as a flat press option; however, it is a more flexible device. You can adjust the machine’s angle as needed, meaning you can do a whole range of exercises, targeting your chest, arms, back and shoulders. It can be modified both ways – inclined or declined.


Preacher curl machine

As the name suggests, this device is designed specifically so the user can do preacher curls, which is another term for bicep curls. So, if you’re looking for equipment to help maximize the quality of your arm sessions, then a preacher weight bench should be something you consider when building your own home gym.


Abdominal weight bench

man sitting in a weight bench

Finishing off our list of must-have gym equipment is the abdominal press. It’s a machine that is purposefully designed for performing ab exercises. They are very similar to adjustable press machines, which can also be adjusted at different angles. The main difference with the abdominal machine is that it has fixed foot rollers at the base of the machine, which is designed to protect the exerciser.


In summation, as this article has demonstrated, there are many different types of press machines available, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Your choice is predicated on what your needs are and how versatile you want your workout to be.


It can be a wonderful feeling when someone has been needing to purchase something for a little while only to find that they come across something that is well within their budget. There may be several different reasons why this may occur such as a business closing day, an end of financial year sale, or something else along these lines. But sometimes it is as simple as that there are just companies out there who offer better prices than everyone else.

And while this can be a good thing, people also need to make sure that the great price is not an indication of the poor quality of the item itself. So that people don’t end up with something that they are not 100% happy with, this post will discuss how people can make sure that when they are purchasing a highly affordable scaffold that they are also able to ensure the best quality.


People can make sure that when they are purchasing a highly affordable scaffold that they are able to also ensure the best quality by reading up on the materials that are used


One of the first things that people can do when they want to make sure that when they are purchasing a highly affordable scaffold that they are able to also ensure the best quality is by reading up on the materials that are used. This is important as people will want something that is as lightweight as possible as they will need to carry the system from location to location, however, they will also want to make sure that is heavy-duty. This means that it is able to hold the weight of the people who are going to be standing on it.

Furthermore, they need to make sure that the system is going to be resistant to the weather and that it is going to last for many years to come. Be this as it may, people need to educate themselves on what the best material may be for their situation and they can then make a purchase based on this information. They may be able to garner this information from online, from someone who already owns this type of thing, or from the person who sells this kind of product.


People can make sure that when they are purchasing a highly affordable scaffold that they are able to also ensure the best quality by double checking what the warranty period is

Now, this isn’t necessarily an indication of the quality of the product itself, but it is an indication of the quality of the business that is selling the item. People don’t really have to worry about what the quality is like if the company at hand is willing to offer a lengthy warranty where people can have their purchase repaired or replaced at no cost to them if something does happen to occur. And so, people can make sure in a way that when they are purchasing a highly affordable scaffold that they are able to also ensure the best quality by double-checking what the warranty period is.

And when people do this, they can make sure that they are protected, and they can feel safe making the investment and they can thoroughly enjoy the great price that they have come across. In conclusion, there are a few things that people can do to ensure this so that they don’t regret what they buy overall.