4 Key Facts You Should Know About Modern Fold Away Beds

Fold away beds, also known as ‘Murphy beds’, are something that has changed dramatically over the decades. No longer are they something people use when they don’t have space or funds for a ‘proper’ frame and mattress, they are something that is actually preferred by many people who want to maximise the space in their homes.

A lot of people consider buying fold-away beds but dismiss them because they assume that they are low-quality. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

The following will take a look at 4 key facts you should know about modern fold away beds.


1.    They’re comfortable

Fold away beds have often gotten a bad reputation for being something that is relied upon when the luxury of the ‘real thing’ is unavailable. Because of this, people assume that they are unable to provide the same quality comfort as a more expensive and traditional alternative.

However, the modern-day equivalents are far from low-quality and actually provide a comparable sleeping experience to a traditional setup. Why? Because, despite the dual purpose they have, modern fold-away beds are made with high-quality wooden slates that provide fantastic comfort and support for anyone using it.


2.    They’re safe

Classic films and cartoons often use fold-away beds as a gag wherein someone gets caught in it while it moves into the up position or gets struck by it as it descends. This is never an issue with modern-day varieties of this product, as they are fitted with weighted gas struts that prevent it from falling down quickly or flying back upwards.

Using this product is always a smooth process as it slowly descends or raises back up. The design is such that you don’t need to use a lot of strength to pull it down or push it up, making it safer for kids and older people to use.


3.    They’re even more convenient when it comes to saving space

One of the obvious utilities of fold away beds is that they can be raised back up so that the space underneath them is free to use. While this is still present, the best modern versions of this furniture product will also double as study space with shelving for books and other items when it is raised up.

The bonus is that you don’t need to remove items from the shelves and disassemble the study space when you want to sleep. The innovative design of modern fold-away beds means that the shelves will stay upright throughout the range of motion, being stored safely underneath the mattress as you sleep.

The slow, controlled, and gas spring assisted process means that you don’t need to worry about anything falling off. When you take it down, you need only remove the office chair or anything else in the way, and when you move it up, you only need to remove the pillows (that’s right, you can leave the sheets and doona on when it is raised).

Overall, fold-away beds have come a very long way since the early days. They are much safer, easier to use, more convenient, and provide a comparable level of comfort with traditional fixed options.

They make for a perfect addition to spare rooms, enabling them to double as a study space and an area for guests to sleep. They’re also very popular as a choice for school-age children or students on a limited budget since they provide both a desk to do work and a place to sleep at night.

Fold away beds provide a lot of utility for those wanting to maximize the space in their homes.

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